‘Arbitrage’ should put Richard Gere back on the movie star map

When things are going strong for Miller, Gere gives us a raucous, pompous performance of a man deifying himself. Gere really shines, though, as Miller comes close to losing everything. That’s both a testament to Gere’s performance as much as Jarecki’s screenplay.

“Arbitrage” opens in theaters and is also available on-demand on September 14.

Gere delivers his best performance to date as Robert Miller, a hedge fund magnate secretly on the brink of bankruptcy. Though he is a pretty rotten person and quite conscious his actions are destroying everyone around him, it’s hard to not have a modicum of empathy for Miller. Susan Sarandon gives a noteworthy performance as Miller’s wife. In a shady move to make his company look profitable and enticing to potential buyers, Miller borrows half a billion dollars from an associate (played by director William Friedkin) to temporarily store in his accounts. Bryer’s (Tim Roth) scrutiny while working the legal system to get his patsy (Nate Parker) off an accomplice charge. No matter which road he takes, Miller is on his way to a very bad place. Roth is coarse as he cuts through all the seedy economic and legal details, desperately trying to stick evidence to the sly and slithering Miller. On top of all that, Miller must hide his fraudulent business dealings from his heir-apparent daughter Brooke (Brit Marling) and try to negotiate his buyer into purchasing his failed company. Miller is then caught in a series of escalating nightmares, from an affair gone wrong to the looming merger deadline to becoming the target in a police investigation.

Richard Gere cooks the books in “Arbitrage,” an elegantly crafted potboiler that fires on all cylinders, giving the “Officer and a Gentlemen” star his juiciest role yet.


Director Nicholas Jarecki’s first feature shows that he is a master juggler, keeping many equally intriguing threads of the story in the air without ever letting them fall. He is a perfect fit for Robert Miller, just as “Arbitrage” is a perfect fit for the star.

Jarecki fashions a wonderful Shakespearean character with Miller. Miller’s scheme is mere inches from success when he accidentally kills his mistress (Laetitia Casta) in a car accident, bringing forth questions from the police and his wife (Susan Sarandon).  He works hard to avoid NYPD Det. She expertly turns a seemingly non-existent role from the first half of the film into a heavy-hitting, blood-boiling performance by film’s end.

Gere is superb at portraying the sliding scale of success. Jarecki gives us a fascinating look into the mind of a financially and morally bankrupt individual.

Gere is wonderfully contrasted by the gutsy and grimy performance by Tim Roth as Detective Bryer. He keeps up the façade of a sparkling billionaire, but behind those eyes we see raw fear and a conscience devouring itself.

“Arbitrage” is a resurrection of sorts for Gere. We witness him consciously make terrible choice after terrible choice, like a tragic hero. With a sale pending, his associate demands his money back, against Miller’s protests

International Sports Gambling Ring Busted by FBI Video

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Review: Richard Gere too good to ignore in ‘Arbitrage’

Good job on that, since he’s just lost $400 million in a bad copper-mine investment, and if he can’t cover it up and unload his company on a major bank, his career will go kaput along with his fortune. True, this territory has been covered from Wall Street to last year’s “Margin Call.” But Gere and first-time director Nicholas Jarecki put a tantalizing spin on what goes on in the head of a fraudulent hedge-fund manager when he decides to stick it to the rest of us, including his own family.

Story highlightsRichard Gere stars as a fraudulent financier in the filmCritic says Gere’s performance is “a thing of toxic beauty”The movie also stars Susan Sarandon and Laetitia Casta

It’s instructive to note what a killer actor Richard Gere can be when a movie rises to his level.

Jarecki knows the territory. And Gere knows the man, inside and out. Gere digs so deep into this flawed tycoon that we come to understand Robert’s actions without for a minute forgiving them. But Robert keeps his cool until the sudden death of one of these women has him dodging a possible murder rap with the grudging help of Jimmy Grant (a terrific Nate Parker), the son of the family chauffeur and the only black man in Robert’s circle of white privilege. Watch him in the scene when Sarandon — in full, feisty flower — hits Robert with a lifetime of resentments. And the glamour in his field of vision — cheers to cinematographer Yorick Le Saux (I Am Love) for the sheen and composer Cliff Martinez (Drive) for the seductive mood — is tempting enough to make us all complicit.

Gere’s performance in “Arbitrage” is too good to ignore. There’s enough plot here to stuff a miniseries or three, yet “Arbitrage” never descends to bland and predictable. It’s an implosive tour de force.

Gere’s Robert Miller is the picture of unflappable elegance. And it resonates in his exceptional screenplay, which potently captures the gleaming seduction of Robert’s world and the fear that festers underneath.

Like the best movies, “Arbitrage” persuades us to ask tough questions about ourselves. Despite his box-office success in crowd-pleasers such as “An Officer and a Gentleman,” “Pretty Woman” and “Chicago,” Gere has long been underrated. Wearing the trappings of wealth like a second skin, Gere invites us to see what Robert sees. At 62, he is at the peak of his powers. Fraud puts pressure on Robert’s skill at deceiving wife Ellen (Susan Sarandon), French mistress Julie (Laetitia Casta) and chief accountant Brooke (Brit Marling), who also happens to be his daughter. Credit Jarecki, whose combustible directing debut gives “Arbitrage” the charge of a thriller and the provocation of a moral fable. And Gere nails every nuance in a role that holds up a dark mirror to the way we live now. His rapt, watchful performance is a thing of toxic beauty. That’s when NYPD detective Michael Bryer (Tim Roth) smells a rat and Robert’s world begins to unravel.. She can’t rock his composure. Docs run in the Jarecki family, with half brothers Andrew (“Capturing the Friedmans”) and Eugene (“Why We Fight”) making notable contributions to the genre. No Academy love, not even for his sinister brilliance in “Internal Affairs,” “American Gigolo” and “The Hoax,” or for the battered heart he brought to the cheated-on husband in “Unfaithful.”

“Arbitrage” is such a movie, a sinfully entertaining look at the sins committed in the name of money. But Gere gives us a window into the soul of a man who finally realizes that even money will no longer help him lie to himself. For proof that we’re in financial hell, look around. As the son of two commodities traders, Jarecki has Wall Street in his DNA. Jarecki has an eye for the telling detail, not surprising given his start with the 2005 documentary “The Outsider” (about rogue director James Toback)

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The financial impact of championship basketball

It has raised $515 million of a $600 million capital campaign that started in 2013.

At least the Lady Huskies basketball team’s financial performance was relatively impressive, according to sports economist Victor Matheson a sports economist at the College of the Holy Cross, who added that you would think “if anybody could make money, it would be UConn.”

Men’s basketball is big business for the NCAA, thanks to the 11-year, $10.8 billion broadcast deal it signed in 2011 with CBS (CBS), the parent of MoneyWatch, and Time Warner’s (TWX) Turner Sports. However, said an NCAA spokeperson, “The funds are not intended to support only men’s basketball programs — schools can use them for any number of purposes, including sports sponsorship/scholarships for the entire department.”

Data that UConn submitted to the U.S. That money is used to fund scholarships, provide assistance for athletes and subsidize sports for both men and women. Although the NCAA encourages conferences to dole the money out equally to their schools, it doesn’t require them to do so. Conferences such as the Pac-12 and the American Athletic Conference follow the organization’s advice, while the Big East doesn’t.

Applications to UConn reached a record high of 34,019 this year, and undergraduate enrollment is at 23,407, nearly double 2001′s 13,251. “All schools receive money.”. During that time, Uconn’s endowment jumped from $165 million to $384 million.

Villanova will also earn a cut from the NCAA’s $205 million Basketball Fund, which is earmarked for men’s teams only. Department of Education, the Wildcats basketball team generated revenue of $10.3 million on expenses of $8.2 million. A big chunk of the team’s costs comes from coach Jay Wright’s salary, which according to the university’s latest form 990, was $2.43 million.

An NCAA study found that as of 2013, only 3 percent of men’s basketball programs generated surpluses, which was in line with previous years. Of course, Villanova is making the most of its most recent athletic glory.

The University of Connecticut’s Lady Huskies basketball team capped off an undefeated season last night by winning their fourth straight national title. “Most schools lose money overall on their athletic programs,” he said.

Athletic success has surely helped boost both colleges’ popularity with prospective students as much as it burnishes their brands with benefactors. “It provides the university with a springboard for engagement rather than a massive immediate uptick in donations,” Michael O’Neill, the university’s vice president for university advancement, told CBS MoneyWatch. However, unlike Villanova University, which won the men’s championship, UConn’s success on the court hasn’t yielded similar financial dividends.

According to the most recent data Villanova submitted to the U.S. No women’s programs were profitable. About 8,500 students applied to Villanova when it earned its first title in 1985, and that figure hit an all-time high of 17,266 this year. Department of Education shows that for the 2014-2015 academic year, the school incurred $6.7 million in expenses for its women’s basketball team while earning $4 million in revenue. One such conference is the Big East, where Villanova is a member. The median loss for basketball programs during that time was $811,000.

“You usually see profits in men’s basketball in the power conferences,” said Matheson. Certainly, the Final Four helped get those gifts over the finish line.”

The Wildcats are no stranger to basketball glory, having made it to the Final Four in 2009 where Michigan State eliminated them. The NCAA also picks up the tab for teams participating in tournaments.

Indeed, athletic conferences do disburse those funds to their member schools. Their victory over heavily favored Georgetown in the 1985 championship game is considered to be one of the greatest upsets in the history of college basketball. For the same period, UConn’s men’s basketball team, which has won the national title four times since 1999, cost UConn $8.6 million while it earned $9.6 million in revenue. “We closed two $100,000 plus gifts with Houston-area alumni. Expenses for the school’s lower-profile football team were $14.2 million, which overshadowed its $8.3 million in revenue.

Revenue from the Villanova women’s basketball team was $2.49 million, equaling its expenses.

The Big East’s policy surprised sports economist John Vrooman of Vanderbilt University, who noted: “Even the once meritocratic Big 12 now splits the bonanza evenly.”

How much of these figures at either school can be attributed to athletic success is impossible to say, but it certainly hasn’t hurt, even if the teams themselves mostly lose money.

“We do not split monies evenly,” said John Pacquette, a spokesman for the Big East, who declined to disclose how the money was divided or discuss the reasons for the policy

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NHL awards expansion franchise to Las Vegas

Oakland Raiders owner Mark Davis is interested in partnering with Vegas interests to build an enormous domed football stadium for his team.

“There is no doubt as to the passion for hockey in Quebec City,” Bettman said. “They have a different fan base than we do. without a team in the major professional sports. “I’m an Army guy, but maybe that’s not the right name for the team at this time. We’ll leave no stone unturned in our dedication, in our pursuit of hockey for Las Vegas, not just for our team, but for the community.”

With nearly 2.2 million people in the last census, Las Vegas is the largest population center in the U.S.

Although ice doesn’t last long in the desert, Las Vegas has had an appetite for hockey since the Kings and New York Rangers played a memorable outdoor exhibition game here in 1991. He has strongly considered the Black Knights, a name that has special meaning to Foley, a West Point graduate.

On a 109-degree day in the Mojave Desert’s gambling mecca, the NHL’s Board of Governors awarded the team to billionaire businessman Bill Foley, who is expected to pay $500 million to the NHL’s other owners as an expansion fee. We’re going to work through the league.”

“I think the NFL would be great here,” Foley said. Las Vegas will have four nearby rivals — at least by West Coast standards: the league’s three California teams and the Arizona Coyotes.

. These components, the ones within the control of the Quebec City applicant, are first-rate.”

Bettman strongly praised the bid backed by telecommunications giant Quebecor to return the league to Quebec City, the former home of the Quebec Nordiques. The IHL’s Las Vegas Thunder sometimes drew more fans than UNLV’s beloved basketball team at the Thomas and Mack Arena in the 1990s, and the Minnesota Wild’s Jason Zucker leads a handful of locals who went on to hockey careers.

The NHL is expanding for the first time since 2000, when Minnesota and Columbus each paid $80 million to join the league.

The endurance of that appetite will depend on Foley’s ability to keep fans excited about the newest show in town, but the NHL seems confident it’s getting in early to a growing market. “There is no doubt as to the suitability of the Videotron Centre as a home for a team, and there is no doubt regarding the ownership credentials or the eagerness to own a team of Quebecor, which has been an outstanding partner. Foley has already accepted more than 14,000 season ticket deposits and sold out all 44 suites in the 17,500-seat rink built by MGM Resorts International and Anschutz Entertainment Group, which owns the Los Angeles Kings.

Bettman said the league made the move largely due to the persistence and strength of the ownership group led by Foley, a financial services tycoon, who has been working on the idea for three years. Vegas was an economic boomtown in the previous decade, and the NHL is betting that its slowed growth hasn’t curbed the city’s appetite for sports and spectacles.

“I love Black Knights,” Foley said. The new team will play in T-Mobile Arena, the $375 million building that opened just off the Las Vegas Strip in April.

“We think this is a tremendously exciting opportunity, not just for Las Vegas, but for the league as well,” Bettman said, calling Las Vegas “a vibrant, growing, global destination city.”

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

Foley’s also bid had the enormous advantage of an NHL-ready arena built with private funding and eager for a flagship tenant. The league’s alignment and playoff format won’t change.

Foley realizes his team might not be alone in Vegas for long. Concerns about the Canadian dollar’s fluctuation, the stress of a two-team expansion draft and the league’s desire to correct its geographical imbalance — the Eastern Conference already has 16 teams, while Las Vegas will be the 15th in the West — prompted the governors to go with Las Vegas alone.

Along with a top-six pick in next year’s draft, the Vegas franchise will be stocked by a June 2017 expansion draft that will be more favorable than previous drafts, theoretically allowing Foley’s team to become competitive more quickly. Foley is joined by minority partners Joe and Gavin Maloof, the former owners of the NBA’s Sacramento Kings.

“We want everyone to be a fan,” said Foley, who fell in love with pond hockey while growing up in Canada. I don’t think it will affect us.”

The National Hockey League’s 31st franchise will play in Las Vegas beginning in 2017, Commissioner Gary Bettman announced Wednesday.

“We won’t sell out every game with season-ticket holders, but I believe it’s going to be 85 percent, 90 percent (filled by season ticket holders),” Foley said.

Sports leagues once rejected the city outright due to concerns about corruption from Vegas’ massive sports betting economy, but the NHL and the NFL no longer share those worries, with Bettman calling his sport “less susceptible” to gambling interests due to the small volume of bets placed on hockey.

Bettman also announced that an expansion bid from Quebec City was “deferred” indefinitely, allowing Las Vegas to enter the league alone in the Pacific Division. “We’re dedicated to it. Foley announced plans to devote considerable resources to building community interest in youth hockey, including a two-rink team training complex that will be “open to all.”

Foley hasn’t decided on a nickname or logo for his team, but an announcement could be made in the next few weeks

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